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Walking in on your roommate masturbating

Military man in white briefs catches his male geek roommate masturbating.

It took me a while to get into Tyler Griz’s role in this scene. I think he’d probably make a better bottom.

But everyone knows I love a good caught-in-the-act setup, and with Christopher Daniels playing the hot gay nerd who gets caught masturbating, you will definitely find me with my pants down…

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Armed Forces Physical is a blast from my dirty gay past

Joe Gage’s new Armed Forces Physical totally reminds me of one the earliest gay porn movies I ever watched. It featured guys in uniform standing at attention out in the woods and not moving while they were felt up and sucked off by their instructors, and their sergeant watched on, berating them for getting hard and shooting their loads.

Which sure explains a lot about me!

This new one features:
Andrew Justice
Conner Habib
Joe Parker
CJ Parker
Dylan Roberts
a super hot Dale Cooper
Rick Kelley
Shay Michaels

With special appearances by Jake Cruise and Colby Keller

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