Hairy or hung, it all works in a business suit

Hairy and muscular tattooed Spanish man uses his giant cock to fuck his hung male lawyer.

Dakota Rivers is not exactly on my To Do List, but at least he’s got a big dick. And watching equally well-hung and deliciously hairy Vito Gallo fuck is usually a dirty old gay time.

And with my suit and underwear fetish, it’s hard not to get hard at this one…

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@tytuckerxxx is giving gay porn stars a run for their money

Furry straight guy has his prostate milked by a hairy, heavily tattooed Daddy.

Speaking of gay-for-pay, Ty Tucker is definitely a rising porn star. Of course, I much prefer him now that he’s grown in his body hair and, for that reason, started watching more of his movies.

Gotta say, he’s actually a better adult performer than a lot of the guys currently in circulation. He always seems fresh, surprised, eager and into it. Very appealing.

Now let’s see Mr. Tucker in some scenes topping someone like Derek Parker, Scott Carter or Samuel Colt!

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