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Dirty gay Cazzo Films now available at Cazzo Club

Heavily tattooed slender German pig bottom is toyed with by a hairy Spanish leather Daddy.

Dark Euro favorite Cazzo Films has received a breath of new life with their reincarnation as Cazzo Club.

This means easier access to even more hot Western European men in dirty gay situations, like Lobo Bayard and Mark Metzger, who really should answer where he’s been all my life…

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There’s no shame in jacking off in the locker room

Horny jock secretly jacking off in the locker room still wearing his yellow over-the-calf rugby socks.

Not a fan of the smooth, but in pretty much every other way this solo featuring Frank Klein got me off.

Locker room, OTC sports socks, even the retarded jock brief worked. It’s really the dirty gay vibe that radiates from Klein as his fucks himself with that giant dildo, feet up on the lockers and aiming for his face that’s a winner…

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Men as tall as me don’t usually turn me on

Tall, smooth man with a big dick uses a clear glass butt plug.

I know, I know. Lance Alexander is too young in the face and far too smooth, but hear me out.

He’s got a great body, sexy tan lines and a big dick. And while his overall look is unusual, his muscles are all in proportion, along with everything else.

As a vertically-gifted man myself, I know it can be hard to get the proportions right. So I applaud you, Mr. Alexander, and so does my hard cock…

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