Going out with a bang

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Latino twink getting double-penetrated in his ass while sucking sock at the same time.

Joaquin’s Raw Gangbang
Starring Koldo Goran, Fostter Riviera, Vadim Romanov and Joaquin Santana

It’s the last full day that my Northern son is in town, so I thought I would arrange something special for him. He doesn’t know it, but two of my hung friends are coming over this afternoon and the three of us are going to use his hole until he’s completely stretched out and leaking loads from his battered hole.

Ending with champagne and fireworks!

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Back to breeding

German Daddy fucking a tattooed Latino bareback.
Latino man grimaces as he is penetrated by a raw German dick.

Breed Me Raw
Featuring Hans Berlin and Trey Turner

My son and I have been fucking like crazy over the past couple of days, but today is going to be more about romance. A tasty lunch before a curated nature tour, then a sculpture exhibit, topped off with an evening at a dark, sexy restaurant.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ll still fit plenty of good fucking in there. I want his ass full of my cum during every romantic moment…

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All worked out

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Straight muscle hunk naked fucking a sex toy.

Featuring Zack Lemec

Tonight we go to a “Nude Year’s Eve” party, where I get to put my Northern son and all his work on display. He worked out every day for 40 days before coming to visit because he wanted to be as fit as possible for Daddy.

And he definitely exceeded my expectations…

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Giving Daddy his gift

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Tattooed Latino stud fucking a tall hairy hunk bareback.

Chaos Men
Featuring Bronson and Zane

The boy is still asleep in other room, and he deserves it. Much to his delight, not only did I fuck the hell out of him last night, I let him breed Daddy for the first time.

The look on his face when he came inside me was priceless. Sort of a mixture of happiness and disbelief, with a little touch of revenge in his eyes for the cum fast he went through for me. It was his choice to do it, but I understand why he’d want to both fuck me and kill me after not having cum in two weeks!

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Breakfast time

Smooth, scruffy twink jacking off on the couch.
Masturbating twink sprays his cum everywhere when he ejaculates.

Denim’s Geyser
Starring Denim

It’s been days since I’ve cum, and I’m starting to get a bit sex-crazed. I can only imagine what my Northern son is feeling right now! Despite the fact that he usually jacks off at least once a day, he’s been saving his load for me for the past 14 days.

I’m incredibly excited to break his fast tonight. It’s going to be cum-mazing!!

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Holding it in

Hairy gay otters in Speedos fucking bareback.
Hairy gay otter getting fucked bareback by a thick uncut cock.

The Lost Videos
Featuring Philip Zyos and Stephen Harte

After spending the day with friends, I went to a white elephant gift exchange at the bar last night. In addition to winning this really amazing Ganesha statuette, I made out with the hottest little otter while his boyfriend (and the rest of the bar) watched.

They invited me back to their place, but I had to decline. My Northern son is arriving late tomorrow night, and I’ve been saving my load over the last couple of days for him…

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Right down Santa Claus lane

Horny male nurses having gay sex in a hospital room.
Muscular male nurses having gay sex in a hospital room.

Private Practice, Scene 4
Starring Sean Maygers and Josh Conners

I hope you’re having a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. My gift to you is the realization that performer Sean Maygers featured in yesterday’s post was just playing straight.

So if you feel like you need some extra cheer, watch this vid of him giving it in the rear!

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