Uno, dos, tres

Man getting double-penetrated in his ass by two other men bareback.
Gay bareback double penetration.

Tim Tales
Featuring Vadim Romanov, Fostter Riviera and Louis Ricaute

An otter buddy of mine was at the same birthday party as me last night, and after a little chat, we realized that we were prowling on the same guys. I suggested we work together to snag this big hairy muscle hunk, and we totally scored!

I had gotten a room at the hotel, so halfway through the party the three of us went upstairs to continue celebrating in private. This thick guy dropped to his knees as we pulled out our cocks, and you could tell he really loved sucking dick.

My buddy and I took turns in one position after another, working the guy’s holes to get him nice and loose. After spit-roasting him from both sides, my buddy and I met at the guy’s hole.

He slid inside the guy’s open ass from behind first, then I entered from the front and started pumping. It wasn’t long before I could feel my buddy ejaculating inside our stud bottom, which of course totally made me cum, and when I started to howl (y’all know I’m a loud cummer), our bottom started squirting all over all of us.

After a quick clean up, we all re-dressed and went back downstairs to catch the end of the party, with stupid grins plastered on our faces…

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