Heels up, cum slut

Macho hairy Latino Daddy fucking a Latin twink bareback.
Hairy ass of a Latino muscle Daddy balls deep in a Latin twink.

iO Macho
Featuring Lobo and Rapper

My Puerto Rican puppy texted me last night to let me know he was finally hooking up with a macho couple who want to use him as their sex slave. They’re going to love their little Latino cum slut, and I can’t wait to hear all the details the next time I’m buried deep inside him!

I definitely appreciate young, slim Latin men who love worshiping their white Daddies…

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Making it work

Young businessmen in suits flip-fucking.
Muscle men in suits fucking bareback.

Gentlemen 18: Bred for Business
Starring Sergeant Miles and Devin Franco

I got a message yesterday that a muscular businessman I used to fuck was going to be passing through my area early this morning, and at 6:30AM sharp, he was on my doorstep, all shaved, showered and dressed for work.

I carefully got him out of his clothes and led him to the bedroom where I ate out his smooth, sweet hole and sucked down his big dick. He’s naturally smooth all over and crazy for my hairy body, so it wasn’t long before I made him cum. I love it when I make a guy lose control like it!

A dedicated businessman, he stuck it out while I used his muscular ass, fulfilling his part of the agreement while I filled his hole. Then we got him dressed, and with a pat on his tight slacks and a kiss, I sent him off to enjoy his day…

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Give yourself a hand

Hung British athlete stroking his huge uncut cock and big balls while fingers his asshole.
Well-hung male athlete stroking his uncut cock while fingering his asshole.

Hard Brit Lads
Featuring Caleb Ramble

I cleaned out before going out last night, just in case people got a little handsy at the jockstrap party I attended.

Thankfully, I remembered that this morning when I woke up with wood so hard I knew I wouldn’t make it past the Sunday paper. So I laid in bed stroking it and fucking myself with as much of my hand as I could take.

I’ve really gotta get a dildo…

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Meet me at the gym

Heavily tattooed, hung muscle men getting hard-ons in the shower.
Heavily tattooed muscle men fucking bareback with their big dicks.

Cock Huntr
Starring Dylan James and Josh Rider

This huge, heavily-tattooed muscle guy I’ve seen before was at the gym again yesterday afternoon. He dwarfs everyone in there, and I know for a fact that he’s gay.

Lucky for me, I walked into the locker room at just the right time and caught him with his towel down. His body is even more incredible than I thought, and that muscle ass of his is bangin’.

Then he caught me looking.

He smiled and said, “you like?” To which I turned beet red but still managed to reply, “fuck yeah!” He slowly pulled his briefs up over his ass, putting on a show for me. Then he turned around and I could see he had a big, thick cock stuffed in front. He smirked at me, finished getting dressed and said, “see ya next week.”

I have no clue what he’s into, but I’d love to find out…

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The long and the short of it

Short Latino muscle man nude with a big erection.
Huge muscle man humiliating a short gay guy with his big dick.

Wasteland, Scene 4
Starring Sean Duran and Rafael Lords

Although I don’t see him anymore in person, I still sometimes see this short Latino hunk I used to fuck online. He actually looks a lot like Rafael Lords. I mean, a lot.

And like Rafael Lords, he was an amazing power bottom. He loved taking my big white dick, and was only one of two guys who have ever truly twerked on it.

Not gonna lie. I miss that ass…

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Otters gotta play

Hairy Daddies fuck an otter power bottom bareback.
Hairy power bottom taking raw dicks in his ass.

D’D Down Raw
Starring Damon Andros, West and Stephen Harte

My pup Champ is coming into town this week and looking for another group session. Although I’d rather keep his furry otter body and hairy hole all to myself, I know how much fun he has when he’s got a bunch of tops spit-roasting him.

Besides, one end twitches more when the other end is being filled…

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