The long and #shortmen of it

Short Latino pornstar sporting a veing erection.
Short Latino muscle hunk being fucked by a bearded blonde man.

Dicklicious, Scene 4
Starring Brian Bonds and Rafael Lords

If it wasn’t so hard to tell how tall porn performers are, I’d totally add a new category called “Short Men” to my blog.

I’m 6′ 8″, so you might say that every guy is short to me. But I love men 5′ 8″ and under. There’s something about the male form at that stature, especially when he’s compact and firm, that makes me want to eat him up.

And there’s definitely a power play component. When a shorter man wants to be fucked and held by Daddy, it’s a powerful experience for us both.

Just no guys under 25, please. That’s too much to handle…

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