XXX Amateur Hour — GIANT Cocks

Welcome to the Swap Meat

Once you get to know me, you’ll realize I’m personally not that into younger guys. But there are definitely exceptions to the rule, and the two slabs of meat on Barrett Long and Devon Moss are BIG exceptions. I love sucking cock, and watching these two stuff each other makes my mouth water and my pre-cum ooze. Guess that’s why they’ve both won Grabby awards for their giant uncut meat. XXXAmateurHour may have a cheesy crust, but with big names and even bigger cocks, they’re all beef underneaf. < Get Dirty >

Butch Dixon — Tattooed Muscle Man Jacking Off Outdoors

Smooth, puckered fuckhole

I’d be crazy if I didn’t get this Dirty Gay Blog rolling without the boner-inspiring, rough, hung men of Just one quick scroll through the front page of this relative newcomer had my pants around my ankles and my cock stuck to the bottom of my desk. Who doesn’t like a self-described “smooth, puckered fuckhole” or some hot outdoor j.o. by a big man’s man like BJ. Gimme more! < Get Dirty >

Auf wiener sayin’

Yes, that is really me, after a fantastic spanking!

It’s been almost 10 years, and in the words of De La Soul, “I have to go!”

Thanks for enjoying my dirty sex stories illustrated with dirty gay porn. Cum back whenever you want to stroke to them, but this is my last new Dirty Gay Blog post.

Take risks. Have no fear. Try everything. Get on PrEP. Get a full STI screening at least every 3 months. Communicate with your partners to limit the spread of STI’s. Be honest with yourself and others. But most importantly, have fun!

It was my pleasure to pleasure you.

Eric Wolfe