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This airport tearoom could make do in a pinch

Three hung studs breed a horny Latino bottom in a jockstrap in their leather dungeon dark room.

Since I’m traveling this weekend, I really need to find some good sleazy action. Something along the lines of Dominic Sol being used by Antonio Biaggi, Chase Coxxx and Saxon West in a bareback darkroom scenario.

Actually, any one of them would make this trip worthwhile…

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Is that a cumshot compilation in the VHS bargain bin?

Hairy, tattooed musclemen in a collection of over 100 huge cumshots.

Back when I used to buy porn on VHS, I frequently chose cumshot compilations. I wanted to see men shooting their loads back to back to back. I was probably high on coke.

It’s been a while seen I’ve seen a cumshot compilation that I liked so much it made me want to go out and get an 8 ball and a quart of lube. But I’ve found one now.

TitanMen Cumshots: Volume 1 features so many hot guys, big dick and huge cumshots that I’m beside myself…with dripping cock at the ready!

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It’s like he was meant to be a cum dump and urinal

Blonde guy is used as a bareback cum dump and urinal for a group of horny older men.

Logan Stevens has always been kind of hit or miss for me and never the star. But this bareback group fuck with Miles Andrew, Shay Michaels, Hank Rivers and Dev Bryant, with Stevens at the center, really puts him in the perfect place.

He should be the group cum dump more often…

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Humiliated by school authorities in suits

“Gruff Eastern European thug George has been caught out by the Head Master and Head Boy at With the threat of the police hanging over him he must do whatever the two of them demand. But he’s in for a shock when they grab his big hairy ass and roughly shove their probing fingers in. And it only gets worse when Mr. Taylor walks in and offers the use of his vibrator.”

What coach walks around with a vibrator in his coat? But of course that oddity is easy to forgive when the victim is another hot Eastern European man

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Let me tell you something about Christian’s “Legendary Hole”

The new collection Legendary Hole – Best of Christian is now available from Treasure Island Media for download or as a 3 DVD set. It contains 20 scenes, over 7 hours of footage, and includes both scenes that I shot with Christian (back in the day), one in a group and the other 1-on-1. He’s a fun fuck, but just between you and me, that was one loose hole!

Hmm. I may be older, but I definitely look better now. Eh, like I always say, porn is forever!

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