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Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Hairy muscle men having a gay threeway.
Hairy muscular men spit-roasting another furry guy.

Trapped, Scene 6
Starring Colby Keller, Kurtis Wolfe and Tegan Zayne

Of course, right when I leave town is when all my old regulars want to hook up with Daddy, so now that I’m back, this week is booking fast.

I might need to group ’em if I want to get caught up…

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Double down

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Latino power bottom getting double-fucked by two monster cocks.
Latino power bottom getting double-fucked by two monster cocks.

Tim Tales
Featuring Tim Kruger, Caio Veyron and Chucho Martin

It’s going to be hard to beat the threeway I had last night with another hung guy and this power bottom cub we fucked.

Dp’ing isn’t easy, especially with dicks as big as ours, but this kid took it like a champ. Not too tight but definitely not sloppy, his talented hole was the perfect fit for our two cocks. Honestly, I’ve never had a double penetration go so well, in so many different positions!

I’m kind of worn out, but since they’re both going to be at the pool party today, I’m tempted to go back to the well.

If I’m not busy with all the other muscle bears there…

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Take it inside

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Hung, muscular hunks having a gay bareback three-way.
Muscle hunk sucking a huge Latin cock while sitting on a raw dick.

Dine-Ass Ty
Starring Drae Axtell, James Castle and Billy Santoro

Bear Bust kicks off this week! Unfortunately, the weather isn’t cooperating to enjoy the pool parties and outdoor events.

Fortunately, I already know a couple of muscle bears staying at the host hotel who are back this year and ready for action…

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Friday, October 13th, 2017

Gay power bottom getting fucked by two hung guys at the same time.
Gay power bottom Ben Batemen getting spit-roasted by two big dicks.

Cum Hungry Butt Sluts
Featuring Sean Xavier, Javi Velaro and Ben Batemen

It’s almost Pride, and I just got invited back to the same messy party I went to last year.

Big dicks, muscles, black, white, Latino. Pass the moonshine, and trouble, like soul food, is on the menu…

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Learning to share

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Giant, muscular men in a gay bareback threeway.
Power bottom spit-roasted bareback by two male bodybuilders.

Cum Hungry Butt Sluts
Featuring Andrey Vic, Brock Magnus and Andy Star

It’s Monday, so of course my boy from a few cities over is texting me gay porn illustrations. Today’s feature shows two boys sucking off their Daddy and uncle in the cab of a semi truck.

It got me thinking that I could really have a lot of fun if I find someone closer to my age and size to partner with and cause some serious trouble in the boy population.

Of course, all the guys I know who are my size are bottoms, so I’m going to have to keep looking until I at least find someone versatile if I want get tag team and side-by-side worship added to the rotation…

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Cum together

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Gay gamers take a break from their session for group sex with each other.
Gay guy getting double-penetrated during group sex.

Gaymers, Scene 3
Starring Spencer Whitman, Hoytt Walker, Xavier Huxx and Ty Mitchell

At my friend’s birthday party a few days ago, a few of us started talking about what it would be like for all of us to fuck together. We’ve almost all fucked each other individually, so why not get together and fuck in a group?

According to the texts, we’re all available this weekend…

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Mission accomplished

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Two gay muscle hunks humiliate a third guy and spit-roast him.
Gay guy getting spit-roasted by two musclemen.

Domination Diner, Scene 3
Starring Jaxton Wheeler, Lance Hart and Eli Hunter

After a late dinner last night, we went back out dancing…and prowling. It didn’t take long for me to find someone my bearfriend and I both liked, so we brought him back to the condo and got right to it.

Bearfriend has always wanted to watch me “at work,” and I gave him the full show. Although I didn’t pack my paddle, my huge hands are formidable. I had our catch kneel on the floor in front of my friend and start sucking my friend’s cock while I pulled down his shorts and prepared his bubble butt with a few gentle pats.

Then I had bearfriend bend over the bed while the boy ate his ass and I spanked the hell out of him. I told him what a bad boy he had been and that he better eat that ass to bearfriend’s satisfaction. To my surprise, bearfriend told me he wanted to switch places, so I dropped my shorts and briefs and shoved my hairy hole in the boy’s face. I listened in amazement as my normally non-verbal friend picked up where I left off and let out a torrent of filth while spanking the kid’s ass.

I flipped over and shoved my big dick down the guy’s throat, making him gag, while bearfriend lubed up his thick cock and stuffed it inside. I know that when bearfriend cums, he’s done, so when I realized he was getting close, I had him to switch positions with me. I then opened up the boy even more with my dick while bearfriend stood in front, fucking his face.

The two of us leaned forward and made out while we spit-roasted the little cum dump. We both came inside him at the same time, and with a dumb look on his face, we said goodnight and I ushered him out. I came back to bearfriend’s room, and we cuddled, leaking post-cum all over each other and the messed up bed. After a quick shower, we went to my room and passed out holding each other.

It’s a good thing we’re catching the late ferry back…

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