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Big red

Monday, April 16th, 2018

Tattooed muscle hunks fucking bareback in the doctors office.
Heavily tattooed muscle hunks fucking bareback on a medical exam table.

Starring Bennett Anthony and Sean Duran

Although Sunday was kind of a washout weather-wise, I had plenty of fun with the muscular redhead in my bed.

He was hot and sweaty when he arrived at my house, so I spent a lot of time licking out his ripe pits before moving to his musky crotch. I sucked his hard white dick and licked his sweet balls, which he definitely enjoyed a lot. Then I flipped him over and ate his warm, fuzzy hole until he told me “take whatever you want.”

I pulled this guy’s muscular shoulders back toward me to get him up on his hands and knees and mounted him from behind, feeling his tight hole open around my cock as I buried myself deep inside him. When he said that he wanted to be my property, I pounded him hard and deep.

There must be a biological switch at the base of my cock because every time my pelvis made contact with his firm ass I got closer to cumming until finally I couldn’t hold back any longer. I flipped him over on his back, and right when I bred his hole, he shot his load all over himself.

Sunday Funday, for sure…

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Holy motherfucking fuck

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Male muscle god fucking a hairy muscle bear bareback.
Male muscle god fucking a Daddy bear bareback.

Tim Tales
Featuring Ridder Rivera and Louis Ricaute

We all chat with our friends about the guys we fuck. It’s part gossip, part comparison shopping.

Well, honey, a friend of mine has been fucking this straight married guy for over a year, and whenever we get talk, he tells me all sorts of fun stories about the wild sex they have together. But it wasn’t until last night that he texted me a couple of pics of the guy.

Holy shit.

Zero percent body fat, huge muscles and an amazing, muscular bubble butt. Where do I get me one of him??

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Easy, big boy

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Giant ginger bodybuilder strips naked and masturbates in bed.
Giant straight ginger bodybuilder stroking his hard cock.

Straight Fraternity
Featuring Dane

It’s massage day again for me, and I could really use it. All the stress I’ve been under, coupled with the crazy fucking I’ve been doing, kind of has my body in knots. I’ve got to get straightened out (so to speak) before the weekend because I’m got my sights set on a big bodybuilder I met recently.

And I already know that he knows how to throw me around…

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Whiskey in the front, party in the back

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Beefy Daddy fucking a ripped fuzzy ginger boy bareback.
Beefy Daddy fucking a ginger boy bareback while he strokes his hard dick.

Chaos Men
Featuring Barton and Thompson

Although I’ve been making plans with a new ginger boy for next week, today is Daddy Day with my black son. And son, is he in for a treat.

Besides the fact that I haven’t fucked anyone in a week, I’m taking him to a whiskey pairing dinner tonight, where he will be accompanying Daddy with a huge load in his ass…

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And throw away the key

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Hairy, muscular ginger sporting an erection in jail.Hairy, muscular ginger having gay sex in jail.

Vice, Scene 1
Starring Colby Keller and Damian Taylor

Sadly, I’ve got nothing going on for Hump Day today, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get off.

Especially after finding this video of Colby Keller getting dirty behind bars. Woof.

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All about the bod

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Tattooed, straight muscular ginger stripping down to his boner.
Ginger muscle hunk sporting a rock hard dick.

Spunk Worthy
Featuring Doug

Last night I finally made out with this giant muscle guy who’s been hitting on me for a while. I’ve held back up to this point because he’s got one of those faces that is perpetually boyish.

After an extra drink or two, we were getting pretty touchy-feely and, with a firm hold on his amazing muscular body, I planted one on him.

Of course, he had to turn out to be a great kisser. Now what do I do?

I just don’t think I can fuck someone with a babyface…

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That’s quite the mouth he’s got

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Tattooed, muscular hunks swapping blowjobs.
Middle Eastern man sucking cock.

24 Hour Boner, Scene 6
Starring Rikk York and Nate Stetson

I’m going to be busy all week trying to get caught up after the holidays, which doesn’t leave much time for hooking up. Of course, a quick bj could solve the problem, if only the guys around here knew how to suck a big dick like mine. I’ve got two expert cocksuckers in my Black Book, but neither is available.

Roll the dice with Scruff? Maybe I should just beat off and get on with my day…

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