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That’s quite the mouth he’s got

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Tattooed, muscular hunks swapping blowjobs.
Middle Eastern man sucking cock.

24 Hour Boner, Scene 6
Starring Rikk York and Nate Stetson

I’m going to be busy all week trying to get caught up after the holidays, which doesn’t leave much time for hooking up. Of course, a quick bj could solve the problem, if only the guys around here knew how to suck a big dick like mine. I’ve got two expert cocksuckers in my Black Book, but neither is available.

Roll the dice with Scruff? Maybe I should just beat off and get on with my day…

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Cum over, otter

Friday, January 5th, 2018

Ginger otter naked in the garden jacking off.
Bearded otter cumming on his 6-pack abs.

Island Studs
Featuring Daniel

Although there’s a new muscle bear event happening tonight, I have a feeling the cold weather is going to put a damper on it. At least on the go-go dancer and underwear-only aspects!

No matter. I’ve already made plans with a hunky otter buddy of mine for a sleepover cuddling session later tonight.

You know, to keep warm…

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Keeping in touch

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Muscular hunks have gay bareback sex.
Muscular gay hunks fucking bareback.

New Year’s Fuck
Starring Marty and Jeffrey Lloyd

I had Christmas decorations up later than usual this year, and finally had the afternoon off yesterday to take them down. Then, out of the blue, a big ginger muscle bear I fucked last year called me, saying he was around the corner from my house and could he stop by.

Um, yeah.

We’re actually friends who haven’t seen each other in a while, and since we’re both going through some stuff right now, we had a nice long chat while cuddling on the couch. After a while, I became aroused and asked if he wanted to spoon and make out in the bedroom or just keep it where we were, and he said we could go to bed.

Snuggling under the sheets led to gentle kissing and petting, which slowly evolved into deep making out and removing his clothes. I joined him naked under the sheets, where we held each other hard and I sweetly pleasured his massive, muscular body and pierced cock.

He wasn’t prepared for me to fuck him, but after stroking our cocks together with a combination of pre-cum and spit, we were both rock hard and ready to blow. I asked if I could cum on him, but he whispered “in me,” so I slid my swollen head into his eager hole and unloaded inside him instead. Then we showered together, got dressed and said our goodbyes before I sent him on his way, both of us with warm, happy smiles.

Gotta say, thoughtful, passionate sex with someone who has positive, compatible energy is very healing…

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A birthday surprise

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Hairy muscle men fucking each other bareback.
Hairy Latin hunk taking the dick of a  ginger muscle stud.

Chaos Men
Featuring Lorenzo and Zane

My birthday is only a couple of days away, and I’ve been so busy with the holidays that I haven’t even decided who I’m going to fuck this year.

My voice is deep like Zane’s, so maybe I should be looking for my Lorenzo…

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Ho ho ho

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Horny power bottom getting fucked in both ends at the same time.
Fit, hairy boy taking a giant cock in his mouth and ass at the same time.

Tim’s Holiday Threesome
Starring Tim Kruger, Emanuel Rucci and Patrick Dei

Okay, okay. I know I just said yesterday that I don’t need to fuck more than one guy per day, but with a visit from my Northern son right around the corner, I should amend that a bit.

I want to make my boy happy, and that just might require that I have a friend or two over to share his holes. He loves taking multiple dicks, and I want to make sure he has a holiday vacation he won’t soon forget…

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And all that ‘stache

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Ginger man with a mustache fucking a tattooed muscle hunk bareback.
Muscular hunk with a red mustache fucking another man.

Alpha Male Fuckers
Featuring Nate Stetson and Dolf Dietrich

What is it about a mustache that makes big ol’ me weak in the knees? Sometimes I even prefer it to a full beard!

Well, let me tell you, this morning at the grocery store, firemen were walking in as I was driving out of the parking lot. One them had a big, thick ‘stache that made me crane my neck so far I about crashed my car.

A man with a mustache can do no wrong in my fantasy playbook, and a fireman to boot?? Woof.

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The highest otter

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Ginger mustache man rims a hairy male asshole, then fucks the guy bareback.
Heavily tattooed, hairy hunk getting fucked in the ass with a raw dick.

Bareback That Hole
Featuring Nate Stetson and Stephen Harte

Although I didn’t receive the beefy muscle bear I asked the Universe for, I did end up with a sexy otter last night.

I’ve fucked him once before. He’s very hairy, covered in tattoos and is an amazing bottom of the highest order. He loves hairy Daddies like me, and in fact, he told me that he’s avoided hooking up me with me over the years so he wouldn’t fall head over heels for me.

Well, last night he gave himself a pass. We ran into each other at a party before a huge public holiday event downtown. He was very flirty like usual, but I could tell something was different. He had a twinkle in his eye and a look on his face that said, “take me home, Daddy.” And after the event, I did.

His skills were just as on point as the last time I fucked him, but I’d forgotten how much of a moaner and how verbal he is. (Fuck, I love it when a guy moans loudly and begs for me to fuck him.) In reality, though, he was fucking me, backing up and twerking on me, milking my cock and taking what we wanted from Daddy. I’ll be looking forward to our next session…in a few years.

Or I could rent Stephen Harte. They are built remarkably the same…

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