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Colt Studio Group — Men I want to fuck

Sunday, October 7th, 2018

Now HE's my type!

When I figured out that it was men who got me bonered, I immediately started looking for any kind of naked pictures of men I could find. Luckily for me, COLT at the time was peddling their dirty gay videos through slick trifold ads you could buy in sets through the mail.

For $10, I got a whole year of glossy smut delivered right to my mailbox in a discrete envelope, within which was contained another envelope warning anyone about to open it of the perversity it contained. I was practically leaking before I could even unfold the first piece. And to top it off, I could choose a feature model for whom they’d send a black and white photo, a color photo and a slide, presumably which I could project onto the wall and jizz all over.

Thankfully, COLT Studio Group has moved into the digital age, where they can bring the same quality beefcake they have for (my formative) years to the hurried, sex-starved masses. I wonder how much a digital wall projector costs these days… < Get Dirty >

Jockstrap Central — Ahh, the classics

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Dirty jockstraps, dirty pleasures

It’s my birthday, and this time every year I think about how I became the dirty gay man I am today. As I picture all my favorite dirty people and things, my love of jockstraps and men’s underwear stands out far above the rest.

I’ve decided that the root of jockstraps giving me an enormous, juicing boner is the classic Bike #10 strap. It’s the strap you could smell through an athlete’s uniform, or that I saw poking out above Coach’s waistband while he watched us shower after class.

All grown up, it’s the jock I stole from the locker room sauna, one or two carelessly left behind on the hot wood to dry, unknowingly fueling a hormone and adrenaline surge in me. I would rush to stuff it into my gym bag so I could beat off to it later in secret, only to steal another a few weeks later, and another, and another.

Holy shit! It’s time to restock! < Get Dirty >

Rear Stable — Hunter Hunted, Scene 2

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Sweaty, hairy men fucking like animals. Now that’s what I call entertainment. I could watch this shit all day, especially when I’ve got big, loud-mouthed fucker Peter Axel flip-fucking with dirty horndog Trey Casteel (who seems to be making the rounds). Spit, punches, slaps, and brutal fucking… Praise be to RearStable, for getting hot man-fucking right. < Get Dirty >

Jock Butt — Big Roger Oils Up

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

I'd like my assburger rare, with a side of cream

I loves me some big muscle ass, and if you shove it in a jockstrap, I’m through. Where better to go, then, for huge muscle ass served up on a tight, oily platter than These guys are big, big, BIG, and they’ve got some of the most amazing glutes you’ve ever seen, in or out of the gym. I think I might catch an airbrush here or there, but it’s still every one of my dirty bodybuilder / veiny masculine cravings cum true. Hey, JockButt, I’d like to put in a personal request to borrow the jockstraps at the end of each shoot. I promise to have them back to you as soon as I’ve finished… using them. < Get Dirty >

STR8 Cam — Getting me off since 2002

Monday, September 24th, 2018

I'd love to be underneath THAT

I’ve been watching Jeff on STR8Cam for years. He had the idea to get off on his webcam, just to be an exhibitionist and make money while he’s doing it, long before all those big names tried to do it and did it poorly. In fact, STR8Cam is one of the only webcam sites I still visit, and there are good reasons why Jeff’s been around for so long. One is that he’s polite. Another is that he’s a hot fucking stud with an incredible physique and a horny, sexy, kid-in-a-candy-store charm.

Ever since that amazing cumshot (included above), I’ve checked in on Jeff from time to time. With his huge catalog of content, you too can watch his body transform over the years both in size and hairiness, or interact with him live and watch him take direction during one of his alluring webcam shows. You won’t be disappointed. < Get Dirty >

Titan Men — The Initiation of Tyler Peter

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Take that cock, Doogie!

When I first spun up Folsom Undercover on DVD, the oddities, like my dripping cock, quickly arose:

  • Do all men in suits wear leather harnesses underneath them?
  • Why do these studs LOOK like air-brushed caricatures of butch men, but don’t actually seem to BE butch?
  • Are those tattoos real?
  • Is that Neil Patrick Harris?!

And as I skipped back to the initiation scene (repeatedly), I came to realize that there’s just too much muscled veiny-ness, too much amazingly huge cock, too much straight-up hot fucking, overt voyeurism and fantasy satisfaction to overthink this one. …Or is that what I just did? < Get Dirty >

[Note to my Brother Pigs: Fisting and watersports available on director’s expanded edit of DVD and on Blu-ray.]

Club Inferno Dungeon — Communion Bonus Scene

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Post-Thanksgiving turkey gets stuffed

Kent North steals another scene and easily takes the gold star for Hungriest Hole of the Month. His incredible bunghole stretches magnificently as he lowers himself onto the greasy, entwined fists of Josh Weston and Alex Collack. And with some kind of superhero resiliency, he snaps it back into a juicy, sweaty man purse deserving of a kiss. Seriously, this is the best post-fisting anal lip I’ve seen in a god’s age. < Get Dirty >