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Hungry for dick

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Well-hung young stud getting his 10-inch cock serviced.
Fit young man getting fucked by an enormous white cock.

Hard Brit Lads
Featuring David Ken and Justin Harris

As much I think about impaling my sweet Northern son with my big dick, all the love taps I got on my ass last night (they were good jeans) reminds me that receiving some attention from the rear can be a good thing.

So maybe today I’ll clean out before I got to the pool and see who I can lure with my Speedo-clad ass. The weather is outstanding, and I’m overdue for a good fucking…

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Eager to please

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Hung Daddy fucking a Hungarian man bareback.
Big dick bareback gay sex.

Bareback Auditions 9: Eager to Please
Starring Michael Lucas and Aaden Stark

My (newly single) Puerto Rican puppy came over this afternoon to play. He was mostly a top in his last relationship, and he really missed Daddy’s dick.

By the time he arrived at my place, I was leaking a lot of pre-cum, so he immediately bent over, pulled my cock out through the leg hole of my yoga shorts and started sucking it. I could smell his very ripe pits from there…he was wearing a tank top on purpose. I took him to the bedroom and licked his armpits completely out before stripping him out of his clothes.

Whatever he was doing with his ex has made him extra-agressive, and we rolled all over the bed making out and pawing at each other. I worshiped his extremely hairy body from beard to toe, flipping him over on his knees to get better access to his furry hole.

I could tell he really wanted to keep kissing me hard and told him to get on his back after making sure his hole was wet and ready. Since we used to fuck a lot, it was easy to slide balls-deep inside him with just my viscous spit. I spit in his mouth and on his cock, too, to give him something to work with.

Usually it takes a long time for my Champ to cum, but today I was surprised when he came right away. He told me I’d been hitting him in just the right spot, and he couldn’t help himself.

I filled him with a huge load, and we laid there catching up, my big dick still buried inside him, pulsing from time-to-time to make him moan with pleasure…

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Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Hairy, muscular jocks swapping gay blowjobs.
Muscular hunk eating the hairy ass of another man.

Hard Brit Lads
Featuring Jeff Stronger and Guy Rogers

Later this afternoon I’m flying to the Northeastern U.S. to reconnect with the cute boy I met this summer. We’ve been talking a lot and are both excited to see each other. Plus, the sex is going to be awesome.

His ass is so sweet and delicious that I’ll be eating all night long…

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What the twunk?

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Hung Eastern European twink playing with his hard, uncut dick.
Nude Czech boy in the bathtub.

Bel Ami
Featuring Mario Texiera

I’m not sure why this sexy Slovakian twink chose a porn name that’s straight out of Columbia, any more than why he would choose to shave off what’s clearly beautiful, natural body hair.

Ugh. Why???? (Not the name. The shaving.)

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(grand)Daddy dick

Monday, November 6th, 2017

Latino power bottom getting fucked by the enormous cock of a white-haired old man.
Latino power bottom riding the enormous cock of a hung grandfather.

Tim Tales
Featuring BigDickDaddy and Dano Guerre

Two of my boys recently referred to themselves as Daddies on social media, and although I don’t agree with them (and reprimanded them publicly), it has me wondering what it’ll be like when I’m finally considered a Granddaddy.

It may be a way off, but I’m sure my big, beautiful dick and I will always be worthy of worship…

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Going Grey

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Interracial gay muscle Daddies fucking bareback.
Tattooed, grey-haired black muscle man getting fucked bareback by a bald, muscular Daddy.

Bareback That Hole
Featuring Mickey Carpathio and Anthony Grey

My black son loves my tattoos, and the last time we hooked up, he told me he was planning to get some. He just didn’t know what to get.

Well, son. Take a cue from Anthony Grey. You’re already on track to building a body like his. If you start getting ink now, you’ll be looking just as fine as him when you reach his age.

And I’ll be there to fuck your brains out…

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Happy Power Bottom Appreciation Day!

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Gay power bottom getting fucked in the ass hard by a guy with an uncut monster cock.
Muscular power bottom taking an uncut monster cock in his ass.

Tim Tales
Featuring Rodrigo and Andy Star

Alright. So even after my surprise blowjob yesterday morning, I still found a monster cock last night, and it was attached to a hot-as-fuck Italian stud.

We were introduced at a party by a mutual friend to whom I had disclosed my monster cock mission. The monster cock size part. Not the bottoming-for-it part. So although Monster Cock and I hit it off, when we got back to my place, all he wanted was for me to fuck him. First-world problems, I know.

Since I’d already gotten off earlier, I had a ways to go before I was going to breed this guy. Luckily, he was an incredibly talented power bottom and couldn’t get enough.

Oh, Power Bottoms. We love you!!

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