Sit down and shut up!

Young Italian man fucking a twink cowboy style.
Scruffy young Italian guy fucking a twink.

Gay Videos Network
Starring Nick Capra and Seth

So I’ve green-lighted a twink for tonight. I know he’s going to have a great time, but I don’t have the best track record with twinks.

This one seems like he might be a good fuck, though, so hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be a talker. Moaning, “yes, Sir” and “yes, Daddy” are all great, but let’s keep the silly chit-chat to a minimum…

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Straight guys masturbating together

Straight guys sit down on the couch and put on some straight porn to watch together.
Straight guys masturbating together.
Straight guys masturbating together when a bisexual guy comes in and gives one of them a blowjob.

Str8 Boyz Seduced
Featuring Buzz, Enrique and Vinni

I’ve always been a horndog, and this video takes me back to a special point in my dirty gay history: pledging fraternities. I transferred colleges a few times, and one of them had a large Greek system. The fraternity I ended up pledging wasn’t too bad with the hazing…mostly chores around the house and forced drinking. But once a week there was “pizza and pornos” night. As a pledge, my job was to set up, serve and clean up, and it was secretly my favorite day of the week!

There’s nothing quite like watching straight guys sitting on couches with their pants around their ankles, hairy legs spread and staring straight ahead at the TV while they stroke their cocks, talk titties and make nervous jokes. And when one of them cums, the others (most of them) glance over to watch him, and it kind of triggers them (some of them) to stroke it harder.

And now I’m thinking about all the j.o. parties and clubs I’ve ever been to. Under the right circumstances, a handjob can be magical!

I need a jerk-off buddy…

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The pocket werewolf

Gay handyman grabbing his dick for a male customer.
Bearded man tearing up while he is sucking a big dick.
Blonde guy fucking his handyman on a ladder.

Neighborhood Cock, Part 2
Starring Jace Chambers and Fernando Del Rio

I’ve really been getting into short, furry guys again. There’s this new guy at my gym who I can’t keep my eyes off of, who could only be described as a “pocket werewolf.”

Tiny little powerhouse of a guy with a thick beard, wavy brown hair and furry forearms and legs busting out of his street clothes. Covered in tattoos, too.

Is it coincidence that there’s a super-moon, blood moon tonight? I think not!


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A position I get can behind

Furry young muscle guys eat man ass and fuck.

Fit young muscle men fuck naked in the cowboy position.

Monumental Ass, Scene 3
Starring Chris Bines and Jimmie Slater

Bearfriend has come and gone in much too fast of a visit. I barely had a chance to get it in before dinner, drinks and an early night back home. Still, I confirmed what I pretty much knew, that his favorite position is to be on his back and ridden like a champ. And yes, I pulled it off!

Cowboy position is actually great for tight or inexperienced bottoms like me. It gives the bottom more control, and like other knees-to-chest positions, it releases the puborectal sling, making it easier to penetrate the rectum. Google it.

HOWEVER, this new idea he got about him not needing to get fucked anymore to be satisfied is not going to fly. Because I DO need to keep fucking him to feel satisfied! Hey, even though I practiced and learned to love it when he fucks me (and he’s the only one who does), I’m first and foremost a top…

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