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Imperfect stud – Not all cocks are the same

Smooth, tattooed man fucks a hung frenchman's tight asshole with his uncut cock.

I’m sure Craig Farell appeals to a lot of people, but he’s just too plucked and manscaped for me. They have to be at least a little rough around the edges, and happily, Aymeric Deville fits that bill.

Plus, Deville’s got that tight, tiny little butt and big, unusual cock that’s hard for me to take my eyes off of…

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Fisting himself in prison for one male guard’s pleasure

Perverted male prison guard makes a male prisoner fist himself when he watches and jacks off.

Sometimes Dolan Wolf doesn’t appeal to me, but he really sold it as the perverted C.O. making one of his favorite repeat offenders Brandon Moore perform all sorts of dirty gay favors for him.

Definitely one of the hotter fisting scenes I’ve watched in while…

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