Meet me at the gym

Heavily tattooed, hung muscle men getting hard-ons in the shower.
Heavily tattooed muscle men fucking bareback with their big dicks.

Cock Huntr
Starring Dylan James and Josh Rider

This huge, heavily-tattooed muscle guy I’ve seen before was at the gym again yesterday afternoon. He dwarfs everyone in there, and I know for a fact that he’s gay.

Lucky for me, I walked into the locker room at just the right time and caught him with his towel down. His body is even more incredible than I thought, and that muscle ass of his is bangin’.

Then he caught me looking.

He smiled and said, “you like?” To which I turned beet red but still managed to reply, “fuck yeah!” He slowly pulled his briefs up over his ass, putting on a show for me. Then he turned around and I could see he had a big, thick cock stuffed in front. He smirked at me, finished getting dressed and said, “see ya next week.”

I have no clue what he’s into, but I’d love to find out…

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