Fitting it in

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Foreskin Fanatics
Starring Philip Zoys and Josh Rider

The biggest Halloween parties are tonight, unleashing hordes of “sexy” whatevers into the streets. I’ll be doing my part dressed as a pharaoh, shirtless with a big neckpiece and a short, mid-thigh skirt. Underwear? Of course not.

But I don’t expect to get lucky tonight. Once I start having fun in costume, regardless of how sexy, it typically doesn’t end in a full hook-up for me. Making out, for sure, but no penetration.

Of course, that doesn’t rule out fitting someone in this afternoon.

Haha! As I was writing this post, this cute little furry ex-neighbor of mine hit me up on Scruff and ended up coming over. The power of positive thinking!

Now, on to finishing that costume…

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