Who’s your Daddy?

Muscle Daddy Tomas Brand nude and with an erection at the beach.
Muscle Daddy fucking a British twink twunk bareback.

Whore For More
Starring Tomas Brand and Josh Rider

Every now and then this guy I met on Scruff a couple of years ago sexts me until he gets off. This morning was one of those mornings.

He’s an insatiable bottom whose Daddy, no lie, is built exactly like Tomas Brand. Why would he want anything more? I did mention he’s insatiable, right?

So he’s telling me all about how he’s alone this morning and hasn’t gotten off in a couple of days, and I start telling him how I’m going to fuck the cum out of him. The pics start rolling in of him and his Daddy, then suddenly there’s radio silence…followed by a video of him shooting a fountain of juicy cum all over his muscular torso and into his open mouth.

And if that wasn’t enough, as he’s describing how it felt, he gets hard again. He begs me to send him a pic, and since I just watched his jack-off video, I’m hard and ready to snap one. My quick pic sends him over the edge and he cums again. Like a good boy, he sends me pics of the results and begs me to fuck the cum out of him next time.

I guess two hours isn’t that far to drive…

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