Handball practice

Blonde businessman is addicted to having his anal rosebud fisted.
Blonde man being anal-fisted by a male nurse.

O.F.D. – Obsessive Fisting Disorder
Starring Axel Abysse and Brian Bonds

Although I wasn’t able to hook up with my puppy yesterday, I did connect with a friend of mine who’s been begging me to fist him.

I biked over to his house to hang out by the pool and chat, but after a few drinks, we found ourselves inside on the floor of the sitting room brushing up agaist each other. My friend had been skinny dipping, so all I had to do was lift his towel to expose his furry muscle butt. He immediately got on all fours and presented his hole to me, which I gladly ate the fuck out of. When he was thoroughly wet in the hole and leaking from his cock, he grabbed some poppers and lube and the adventure began.

And then the adventure abruptly ended. No, not because his husband had come home early (I’m such a homewrecker!). It was because as soon as I got my hand inside him past my knuckle ridge, he sprayed his cum load all over his towel. He was so turned on by the sneaky afternoon situation, and by my hand in his ass, that he couldn’t help himself.

So I pulled out, fed him my pre-cum and headed to the bathroom to clean up. He clearly felt guilty, but that’s not my problem. He knew what he was doing, evidenced by what he called his “fuck me shorts” that he wore to the door.

Besides, he invited me back to do it again…when his husband could be there to watch, of course.

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