Open wide

Furry bubble butt in assless bike shorts.
Pierced twink fucking another guy with an inflatable dildo before getting punch-fucked in an anal fisting video.

The Abysse Part 2, Scene 4
Starring Aiden Woods and Axel Abysse

Only one more week until I hop a plane to spend time with my Gay Days Husband. We’re both very eager to see each other again, but I’m also excited to see how the sex is going to play out.

Since we both identify as tops, the last time we were together I was the one who took it for the team. And although he says he wants me inside him, too, I’m not sure just how much of me he’s going to be able to take.

Good thing it’s going to be a nice long weekend, so there’s no rush for either of us to get it in. But I should probably be stretching out my hole this week!

Where’s that inflatable dildo??

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