Extra meat calls for a spit roast

Horny bottom in a jockstrap is fucked in the mouth and ass at the same time by two monster cocks.
Fit muscle guy having his ass and throat fucked by two enormous dicks at the same time.

Primal, Scene 4
Starring FX Rios, Bruce Beckham and Josh Conners

I get turned on by guys watching me fuck. I do. But most of the time I want them to keep their distance.

Not the case last night! I was fucking this guy in the back yard area behind the bar, and this muscle hunk came walking right up with his big dick in his hand and asked, “you mind if I join you?”

This I had to see, so I pulled out, moved around to the front and let the first guy suck my cock while the new guy slid inside him fast and deep. I could feel the vibration on my dick as the guy in the middle let out muffled moans of pain and ecstasy.

I held back as long as I could, and thankfully New Guy didn’t take long to cum. We filled up the middle guy from both ends with our loads and leaned forward to make out over him, still inside.

We pulled out at the same time, leaving him there while we went back into the bar together, and he bought me a drink to thank me.

See. It’s called manners…

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