Your nasty gay uncle

Well-hung nude man with a huge erection.
Hung, hairy young man having gay sex with his muscular, hung uncle.

Say Uncle, Scene 2
Starring Bruce Beckham and Matthew Bosch

My work schedule has changed, adding a lot of extra hours to the mix, but I was still able to sneak in a few hours of fucking late yesterday afternoon.

It was this young muscle otter who I’d flirted with before. He had gotten my number and was texting me to see how I was doing. Out of nowhere he tells me he need a sensual man to fuck him and asks if I’ll be that man. After dancing with him shirtless and seeing his amazing body and crazy hot ass, of course I said yes.

Casual sex is not this guy’s thing, so I wasn’t surprised when the day got later and later without hearing from him. Eventually he showed and told me he had nearly chickened out. We’re both glad he didn’t.

We made out in the living room first, then my office and the kitchen before heading back to the master bedroom. I slowly undressed him and kissed and licked every furry spot on his ripped, fit body while his eyes rolled back in his head.

He was wearing a harness he bought last weekend and wanted to keep it on through the whole experience. I pulled him close with it and kissed him all over while he leaked pre-cum through his boxer briefs. I stripped those off and flipped him over, spreading his perfect cheeks and going to town eating his ass.

Flipping him back over, I finally gave him what he wanted. It look longer than usual for his tight hole to accommodate my cock. I’m the biggest guy he’s ever been with, but with patience, comforting attention and a few sniffs of poppers, he finally opened up for me.

We fucked a few different ways over the next three hours, but my favorite was holding his harness and taking him from behind. Or rather, he backed up on me like a pro twerker! It was incredible, and he let me know that he doesn’t do that for hardly anyone, but did for me since I turned him on so much. Lucky me!

It was a stormy evening to remember, and one I hope to repeat…

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