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Extremely hairy muscle cub and otter rimming and fucking bareback.
Extremely hair bear cub fucking an otter bareback.

TIM Fuck
Featuring Atlas Grant and Stephen Harte

My Puerto Rican puppy is back in town, and I finally had a chance to go over and see his Christmas decorations last night…and swap cookies.

When I got to his apartment, I was greeted by him wearing nothing but wool socks and a jockstrap, and he quietly led me to his bedroom. I buried my face in his hairy armpits, getting his stink all over my beard before getting him in his favorite position on his knees.

I ate his furry hole next, making him moan softly and open his hole. I thought he wanted me to fuck him from behind so I could go extra-deep, but instead he suddenly flipped on his back and pulled me toward him so we could make out while I bred him. Also, so he could put a pillow over my face when I came.

His roommate was in the house, and I am a loud cummer…

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