Hair flip

Extremely hairy tattooed studs gay flip-fucking.
Tattooed muscle hunk fucking another hairy hunk in the ass.

Starring Rikk York and Fernando Del Rio

Still waiting to hear from the guy I met last weekend, but in the meantime, I went out to check the mail yesterday and discovered someone had wedged his business card in my front door.

The card had his very hot picture on it, and I recognized him immediately. He’s a power bottom I fucked once a few years back when he was married to his husband (I didn’t know he had a husband). We never hooked up again because he’s one of those guys that jumps from one relationship to the next, but if he’s leaving his card in my door, he’s gotta be free for now!

His furry, muscular body is amazing, and I know he wants me to fuck him. But I also remember marveling at his great big dick and hearing through the grapevine that he sometimes likes to top.

I don’t know if I could handle flipping for that, but I’m willing to try if he is…

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