Extreme muscle sex

Giant muscleman having gay sex with a hairy, muscular bottom.

When Zeb Atlas shoots gay shit, of course I’m going to watch it. And everyone knows my love for Drake Jaden.

Watching them together, however, was more like being fascinated by a gay manga or 3-D gay sex animation. Does one have to, er, drink juice to do a scene with Zeb Atlas?

Hairy athlete in a jockstrap sucking off a hung muscle god.

Let’s just say it gives new meaning to the question, who’s going to pop first…

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If his ass is wrecked, go for the throat

Bearded muscle stud fucking a horny young bottom.

At the last minute, I arranged a hookup this afternoon with a fuck buddy who was in town for the day.

I was hoping it was going to be like this scene between Colby Keller and Joseph Rough. That is to say, I was expecting it was going to be like usual. But being a bad puppy, he had gotten his ass wrecked at IML last weekend.

Muscle bottom being fucked by a hairy, bearded stud.

So I fucked his furry mouth and throat instead. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…

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Not enough spit for a baseball bat

Bearded baseball player fisting the umpire with his bat.

Butt Stuffers, Scene 4
Featuring Drew Sebastian and Joel Banks

When I realized yesterday that I wouldn’t be able to hook up with my deep-fuck/deep-throat buddy, I made some quick plans to hook up with my new neighbor instead.

Overall it was kind of wham-bam-thank-you-Sam, but I was impressed by how much of my fist he took with only my spit for lube.

Taking a baseball bat up his muscular ass in black jockstrap.

Of course, I am known for my viscous spit…

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Don’t bruise my dick

Cum-loving punk sucking off his hairy young friend with an uncut cock.

Featuring Fostter Riviera and Armin Phillips

I love fucking a guy deep…like through his second sphincter deep. But I have to admit, I’m not a fan of being deep-throated. Guys come across a big dick like mine and have something to prove. Sadly, the vast majority of them have no idea how it’s done, and it’s either not pleasurable or just plain hurts.

Slender hairy guy fucking the mouth of his male cum-hungry friend.

Fortunately for me, the guy I’m hooking up with tomorrow is both a talented deep-fuck and deep-throat. For all you other cocksuckers? Gentlemen, please communicate with your big-dicked brothers. You don’t want to hurt him, do you?

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