Hot House Backroom — Fat Free Flip Fuck

All cock, no fat

Dominic Pacifico has no business being a top. His boyish good looks (beard not withstanding) and girly voice prove it.

Fortunately he’s been paired with Bryan Slater and his massive haunches and horse cock. While both look great in briefs and you’d be hard-pressed to find an ounce of body fat on either one, it’s certainly more of a raucous, pleasurable experience with Slater on top.

I defy you to take your eyes off his gorgeous glutes as he pounds Pacifico from behind!

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One Response to “Hot House Backroom — Fat Free Flip Fuck”

  1. wildboyorl Says:

    i love the underwear and the big shaved cocks. Hard ripped bodies don’t hurt and these guys are easy on the eyes.

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