Sometimes the fantasy is better

Muscular leathermen in a three-way with a sling and huge dildo.
Hairy muscle stud shooting his load while two leather muscle Daddies shove a giant dildo in his ass in a sling.

Rough Trade, Scene 3
Starring Nick Prescott, Dirk Caber and David Benjamin

As I suspected, the threesome I was supposed to have yesterday didn’t go off. We were talking and laughing and flirting, but I could tell that the chemistry just wasn’t right. So I drifted off, made out with another guy, got a couple of numbers and headed out.

Later that night, the married guy messaged me, apologizing for not following through. He then sent me some extra dirty pics of himself (in gear, with toys, etc.) and begged for my cock, promising to give up his ass to me someday soon. It left me so hard and leaking that I happily accepted his apology…and promise.

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