Happy puppy, happy Daddy

Hairy businessman with a big, uncut erection sticking out of the front of his trousers.
Hairy hunk flip-fucking with the tax auditor who shows up while he is masturbating.

Taxman Cumeth, Scene 3
Starring Nick Prescott and Adam Ramzi

Late last night I learned that my puppy was coming back into town after a long trip. Just in time!

The thought of filling up that sweet puppy hole with Daddy dick was sooo arousing that I could practically feel his magic ass on my throbbing cock as I texted him before bed, planning for him to hit me up first thing this morning.

Today at the gym, I get a text that reads, “Arff Arff.” And with a quick confirmatory “Rrrowff” that he was ready for Daddy dick, I ditched my workout and headed to his place.

I ate up his hairy hole and pits, getting his smell all up in my beard before having him throat my cock. And when I couldn’t wait any longer, I had him present his tail to me, and pounded the hell out of him.

Did I mention he looks like Adam Ramzi?

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