All hail the hairy-chested male!

Hairy-chested muscle hunks shirtless.
Hairy muscle men fucking bareback in a locker room.

Breed Me Raw
Starring Alessio Romero and Aarin Asker

I woke up this morning so horny, I couldn’t even think. So I jumped into a video chat room with a bunch of other guys, and lucky me, there were a bunch of hairy muscle dudes in there stroking it!

It didn’t take me long to shoot my huge load and get cleaned up for work, but thirty minutes later one of my neighbors texted me for a hookup. If only I had waited!

Maybe by this afternoon my balls with have refilled themselves. I do seem to be on a kick lately, and if I can find time to sneak off to the pool, you never know what will happen…

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