There’s the beef

Leather stud worshipping a huge Latino underwear bulge.
Leather hunk fucked bareback by a Latino muscle stud with a huge uncut cock.

Bang Bang Boys
Starring Marcelo Mastro and Andy Star

Holy fuck, last night was fun. Yes, there were tons of guys out in leather, but even better, tons of guys were there in underwear, too.

And y’all know I have an underwear fetish.

Big muscle men with even bigger bulges parading around, brushing up against me with their massive pouches as they walked by. In no time I was leaking and heading back to the fences to check out the action, and it didn’t disappoint.

Three big guys back there had their huge cocks out, circle jerking over a hot hunk in leather who was kneeling on the ground. I joined in the fun, and the group quickly swelled. By the time the first guy started shooting, there must have been at least 10+ guys in the circle.

One load triggered another and another and another, until the whole group was cumming all over this guy. The millions of our sperm mixed all over his face as he lapped it up and a few more guys behind him shot all over his shoulders, dripping down his back pouring into his ass crack. One of the guys next to me dropped down and slurped the rest off my cock (and a few other guys) before zipping up.

Happy Pride!

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