Meeting the gods

Bearded bodybuilder Jaxton Wheeler.
Greek muscle god fucking another man in the locker room.

My Brother In Law, Part 4
Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Urijah

I had the pleasure of meeting Jaxton Wheeler this weekend at a bear event. I smiled at him, and he just walked right up to me and starting talking.

He was shorter than I thought, but hugely muscular and incredibly ripped. His arms are amazing and his legs and ass are epic! (Too bad he had shaved his body smooth. Rats.)

There was a strong sexual vibe, but more than anything, I kept thinking to myself, “you’re adorable!”

So, as a tribute, here he is in a video from last year. In it, he’s not as fit as he is now (which says something about how huge he is), and he has all his fur!

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