Daddy dreams of muscle bottoms

Hairy Daddy barebacking a tattooed muscle stud.
Tattooed muscle stud being fucked bareback by a hairy muscle Daddy.

Breed Me Raw
Starring Luke Harrington and Russ Magnus

It was bound to happen. I haven’t been masturbating or fucking anyone in a few days, so I woke up covered in cum.

Yes, I had a wet dream. Cum all over my legs, arm, sheets and soaking into the pillow that I apparently was humping. But the thing about a wet dream is that, for me, it’s only a partial download.

Even with a shit ton of cum everywhere, I’m still reeling from the dream itself. My dick is rock hard right now, and my mind is filled with dirty images of hot guys presenting their sexy asses to me for fucking.

I’ve gotta take care of this today!

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