Fresh muscle cub

Tattooed man in a kilt having gay sex with a bearded muscle cub.
Hairy muscle cub being fucked in the ass by a tattooed ginger man.

Kilted For Pleasure
Starring Hoytt Walker and Fernando Del Rio

I ended up getting invited to a random birthday party last night and meeting this furry little muscle cub from out of town who quickly made it very clear what he wanted.

The party was busy and the house big enough that we didn’t think anyone would notice if we snuck off to one of the guest bedrooms. After some amazing making out, we tore off each other’s clothes and he immediately got on all fours on the bed.

As much as I wanted to spank his beautiful bubble butt, I was afraid the sound would draw too much attention, so I rimmed his furry hole instead. He buried his face in a pillow and moaned softly as I ate up his butt and got him completely wet. Quietly, he turned his head back to lock eyes with me and give me that look that all tops recognize, the pleading “fuck me now!”

I slid right into his warm, velvet hole and slowly started fucking him. But as soon as I got my stride, he made this muffled squeak, and I felt his rectum start pulsating on my cock. He was cumming!

I heard him whisper-moan out the words “breed me,” and it was all over. I filled him up with what felt like a quart of cum and, with my dick still inside him, rolled him on his side and spooned him.

After a few minutes, we got up and cleaned up in the adjoining bathroom, and we’d just finally got our clothes on when we heard someone coming down the hall. We quickly straightened the bed and started making out to try and cover the fact that we just fucked on someone’s bed. It was the host, who told us to stop being so cute and come to the living room because it was time to light the candles.

And, you guessed it, I had just fucked the birthday boy…

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