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There’s no shame in jacking off in the locker room

Horny jock secretly jacking off in the locker room still wearing his yellow over-the-calf rugby socks.

Not a fan of the smooth, but in pretty much every other way this solo featuring Frank Klein got me off.

Locker room, OTC sports socks, even the retarded jock brief worked. It’s really the dirty gay vibe that radiates from Klein as his fucks himself with that giant dildo, feet up on the lockers and aiming for his face that’s a winner…

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What can I say? I like to watch men watch.

Beefy German transplant Marc is a pretty good representation of the guys at underwear night last night. Of course, I took home a much hairier version of him…and one who was willing to bottom.

Still, this total top stroking his 8-inch uncut cock while gay porn plays in the background makes for some decent voyeuristic jack-off material…

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Briefs, bareback, muscles and moaning… It all adds up

Muscular, tattooed Native American guy fucks an older bald man bareback.

Although he needs to stop trimming so much, Sage Daniels has a good look and looks even better in briefs.

And Mason Garet? Not really my type, except for all the vocalizations. Plus, the fact that he’s like a dirty gay version of Woody Harrelson cracks me up!

Putting it all together works for me. And my boner.

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Who needs to screw with straight guys when you’ve got bearded hotties hitting it?

Fit bearded guys sucking and fucking because the straight guy wouldn't hook up with them.

I’ll say it again. It really doesn’t matter to me how straight the “straight guys” at Bait Buddies purport to be, as long as the scene is hot.

Lucky for us, the straight model bailed on their Labor Day shoot, and Caruso only put bait in the bucket. And what a bucketful is was! DGB faves Drake Jaden and Joe Parker going at it? Furry, sexy and actually fun.

Great job guys! Makes me wonder what kind of trouble I can get into in a back bedroom at the cocktail mixer tonight…

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