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It’s a control issue

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Butch men with shaved heads and tattoos having gay foot sex.
Macho man with shaved head licking and worshiping another man's feet.

My underwear fetish is a long-time one, but my sock fetish is more recent. And the more I run across scenes like this one from Male Foot Domination [site closed], the more I get interested in having my bare feet worshiped and foot sex in general.

Just as long as there’s no tickling involved. I can’t stand being tickled!

Thick-bearded men to the front

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Tattooed, bearded stud pleases another man with his holes.
Bearded man licking balls while the other guy shoots his load.

Dirty Tony
Featuring Tyler Griz and Paul Stack

I’ve really been trying to make these last couple of days count before my family comes back into town this weekend. Since some of my regular hookups have been unavailable, I signed into Scruff for the first time in a while and hit a few of the bars with the goal of getting as much man-sposure as possible.

The pre-cum’s definitely been flowing, and I’ve gotten my dick sucked a few times, but where’s the actual tail? I’ve only gotten one offer for this afternoon, and it’s at a time I can’t make.

Oof. Does this mean another long weekend without fucking me some ass??

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It’s like being there

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Hung hairy Daddy barebacks a well-endowed Latino bottom with lots of tattoos.
Hung Daddy fucking a Latino muscle bear from behind.

Butch Dixon
Featuring Rocco Steele and Letterio

My friend who was talking about Rocco Steele yesterday also mentioned Letterio, and told me I needed to check out his sweet ass. Lucky me that I ran across this scene featuring the two of them together!

I have to agree with my friend. Letterio does have a fuckable ass. But I’m even more impressed with how he really commits to the scene…

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Big dicks and power bottoms

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Power bottom taking a muscle Daddy's big dick bareback.
Young power bottom milking a big Daddy dick with his ass.
Cute bottom spraying his huge cum load all over his Daddy's furry muscular abs while he's got his dick up his ass.

Raw Fuck Club
Featuring Rocco Steele and Owen Powers

Just last night a friend of mine was talking about his discovery of Rocco Steele and his big thick dick. I had to wonder what rock my friend’s been living under!

Rocco Steele seems to be everywhere right now, and this pairing with talented bottom Owen Powers is definitely a winner.

Damn it! Now I can’t stop thinking about getting my cock milked…

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What’s under that shirt?

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Extremely ripped, muscular construction workers sucking cock and having anal sex.
White male with huge muscular legs sitting on a Hungarian's cock.
Muscular male hard hats naked and cumming on each other.

Just Gagging For It
Featuring Tomm and Mayer

Usually my gaydar is right on the money, but a guy with creamy smoooth skin and chiseled features showed up at the gym this morning who I couldn’t get a read on.

And with his muscular, incredibly-ripped body just showing through loose workout clothes, I definitely want to get a read on that…

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He can call himself straight

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Hairy straight guy with a thick beard about to receive a blowjob from another guy.
Very hairy straight construction worker getting a blowjob from another man.

I’ve only got a few more days before the family comes back, so I’ve got to squeeze in as much fucking as possible.

Fortunately for me, a very talented, hairy and hot buddy of mine will be in town tonight. And he only bends over for big dicks…

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Whose cub is that?

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Heavily tattooed muscle bears fucking bareback.
Inked, owned muscle cub deep throating and swallowing the load of another hairy, muscular man.

Bareback That Hole
Featuring Adam Russo and Jon Shield

Well, hello Jon Shield. Why haven’t I ever run across you before, you big-dicked, well-inked, handsome cub?

His owner must not let him out very often…

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