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Bending over backwards for some hairy men

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Hairy Army sergeant is fucked on the couch by a male civilian.
Army Sergeant on his back getting fucked with his fatigues pulled down and his boots still on.
Male army sergeant getting fucked in the ass and eating cum.

All-American Heroes
Starring Civilian Marten and Sergeant Miles

There’s been so little body hair in the porniverse this week. At least Sergeant Miles has got something going on.

And it’s always hot watching him get fucked…

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I remember that ass

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Smooth young muscle men fucking.
Slim, muscular black dude sitting on a big white dick.

Randy Blue
Starring Zane Porter and Dominic Santos

I was at a party last night and ran into this guy I used to hookup with years ago. He’s happy with his new partner, and I’m not stupidly head-over-heels for him anymore, so it was nice to catch up without any sexual tension.

That is, of course until he put his arm around me. And I put mine around him. And we’re both kind of surreptitiously rubbing each other while we’re talking to these other guys at the party, and I start remembering what it was like fucking him.

Strong sexual chemistry is hard to forget…

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Brother bottom cub

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Bottom cub in a jockstrap with a veiny uncut cock.
Bottom cub in a jockstrap with a veiny uncut cock.
Uncut muscle cub jacking off upside down with sex toys and giving himself a cum facial.

Butch Dixon
Starring Russ Magnus

“He’s a power bottom with a taste for Daddies…”

I’d love to be the judge of that, but he reminds me too much of a friend of mine who’s kind of like a brother to me. And believe it or not, I actually do have friends that I don’t have sex with…

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Don’t run away from it

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Hairy muscular Arab guy in running shorts with his hairy chest exposed.
Hairy, muscular Arab fucking his running partner bareback.

Raw Adventures, Scene 5: The Runner
Starring Jalil Jafar and Aitor Bravo

The other big thing that happened yesterday is that I finally got fucked again. After an awesome brunch, I brought my puppy back to my place to relax and make out before he’s gone for the next month. We were in bed kissing and petting, when suddenly I felt like climbing on top and sitting right down on him. And what do you know (with a ton of my viscous spit) it worked…mostly.

I couldn’t take all of him but got very close, and it didn’t last long but it did happen twice. Surprising and awesome feeling for us both, which is another reason is didn’t last long. I shot almost immediately.

We agreed that it was a very big step forward for me. And just to be clear, although the bottoming book helped somewhat, it was really the relaxation techniques that I’ve learned in yoga that made, well, relaxing possible…

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The Asian persuasion

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Heavily tattooed straight getting blown by an Asian muscle stud then fucking him in the ass.
Bearded cub with his dick buried inside a hairy Asian bodybuilder.

Randy Blue
Starring Jordan Levine and Cooper Dang

Asian men have never really attracted me. In the past, I’ve found them too small and smooth and boy-like, which clearly isn’t my thing.

Hot, hairy, muscular Asian men seem to be a rarity. There certainly weren’t any at the Lunar New Year parade yesterday, and believe me, I was looking under every dragon…

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Surprised by the size

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Hung uncut straight guy bound and milked before sucking dick for the first time.
Hairy latino muscle hunk jacking a huge cumshot out of a beefy Daddy and his enormous cock.

Straight Fraternity
Starring Victor and Franco Dax

So far, so good! I’ve been getting drained all weekend, so we’ll see what kind of load(s) I produce today…

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Go out and get twunk

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Hunky younger men having gay sex.
Twunk buttfucking a young blonde guy's with his big dick.

Cockquest, Scene 3
Starring Derek Atlas and Brenner Bolton

Food and wine festivals seem to be happening all over this weekend, and I’m going to my local downtown fest, which is sure to be packed with hotties. I just have to make sure I pace it out.

Or I might pick the wrong dessert to take home with me…

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