Product Review — STR8Cam Lube

Hairy muscle men aren't the only ones who need lots of lube.  It's lube that looks like cum!

Jeff at STR8Cam was nice enough to send me samples of his new lube after I mentioned its appeal in a recent DGB post.

I tested it immediately, and here are the results:

The texture is remarkably like a very smooth, well-mixed semen. It feels great on the skin and has a “coating” quality that makes it feel like everything is being thoroughly and properly greased. Tackier than silicone-based lube, but not quite as thick as lotion.

When used for anal sex, we both climaxed faster than usual… which definitely was, in part, the novelty of the product. Both of us still prefer spit to lube, but we agreed that STR8Cam Lube definitely felt and worked better than any other lubes we’ve tried in the past. We also agreed it would be perfect for use with sex toys that frequently need lots of lube… or when you’re both just too low on spit!

It was realistic enough to confuse us a little during clean-up, but added a lovely sheen to the wooden table we fucked on in front of the fireplace. And while using lube as furniture polish is never recommended, we certainly would recommend STR8Cam Lube for fantasy, fucking and toy play.

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