I’ll take the shaved-headed, hung, muscular Daddy in briefs, por favor

For some reason I can’t seem to stop thinking about Jake Genesis. Well, he does seem to be everywhere right now. And he’s scoring some really hot scene partners, too.

Hello, Marcelo Montero.

He may not have the right moves for me, but he’s definitely got the right look…

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Where have I seen those tattoos before?

Slender, hairy, tattooed bear cub gets fucked in his jockstrap by a furry leather top man.

I was a little surprised to find hot inked pig Marcus Isaacs bottoming for Jessy Ares in this video over at Titan Men.

I know Isaacs has done shoots with Treasure Island Media, and I didn’t think Titan hired guys with bareback porn on their resumes.

Hmm. Maybe I have the production dates wrong…

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Fit men in their 30’s have always been at the peak of fuckable to me

Fit man in his 30's with a furry chest takes off his boxer shorts and has a morning wank.

Cameron Kincade looks like half the guys you run into at Whole Foods, or walking around the locker room at 24-hour fitness after work.

Thank the dirty gay heavens that he’s let his chest hair grow in, but who are they kidding? Smooth or hairy, that ain’t 30.

Still, sometimes the fit, natural guy is all it takes, and I do love my 30-something men…