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I see gingers…everywhere!

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Ginger male athlete exposing his ass in a jockstrap.
Male ginger spreading his milky white ass cheeks in a jockstrap.
Beefy ginger athlete taking off his jockstrap and jacking off in the locker room.

UK Hot Jocks
Starring Saxon West

My bearfriend, who goes crazy for ginger men, wasn’t able to stick around this weekend. His loss! My gym was teeming with gingers this morning!!

Two ginger muscle cubs, a ginger jock, a pair of ginger bears and what I can only describe as a ginger Blatino…

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Trot out the furry, rough trade

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Scruffy young muscle guys hanging out in their underwear.
Hairy younger men with muscles fucking bareback.

Randy Blue
Starring Austin Wilde and Brett Beckham

Despite the fact that I clearly have a thing for mature muscle bears (I’m seeing my bearfriend tonight, in fact!), I think I’ve finally found a type of younger man that I could get into.

The fit, tattooed younger guy with body hair. Sort of a twink, but rough and verging on otter. Trotter?

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Need a ride?

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Muscle Daddy picks up a male hitchhiker and fucks him in the back of his windowless van.
Rough male trade getting fucked in the back of a van by an older man.

Hitch A Ride
Starring Max Sargent and Marxel Rios

My car died on me this morning, and as I waited for AAA, I got cruised a few times by guys passing by. None of them stopped to ask if I needed help or led me to the back of their windowless vans to fuck them, but I guess that’s hoping for a lot.

Dead car and no roadside hookup?? What a waste of a day!

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What happens at the pool party…

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Straight guys jacking off together on the couch watching porn.
Straight guy giving his straight buddy a blowjob.
Straight guys trading blowjobs to help each other get off.

Defiant Boyz
Starring Sean and Johnny B

Multiple pool parties today! But which to choose, straight or gay? I’m actually leaning more toward to one of the straight ones because they have better DJ’s on the slate.

C’mon. With thumping house music, surely my buddy and I aren’t going to be the only gay ones there.

Or does that even matter? We could always find some straight guys who don’t mind sucking a dick for a blowjob in return…

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Open up and say AHHH!!

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Hung businessman fucking a young office worker with his enormous cock after closing a big deal.
Ripped, muscular stud with a beard fucking a young Latino with his huge penis.

Thirsty For It
Starring Valentin Petrov and Patrick Ridge

The promotional pics for this video (and the title) don’t really do it justice. Of course, if Valentin Petrov is in it, I’m watching it, and although I prefer him as a bottom, he delivers a pretty impressive ass-pounding in this one.

And the moaning…OMG! Fuck yeah!!

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Power versus talent

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Hairy Daddy fucking another man bareback through his black jockstrap.
Hairy, tattooed Daddy with his raw dick buried in another guy's ass.

Slow & Deep
Starring Nick Moretti and Patrick O’Connor

Slow and deep is definitely my favorite way to fuck. I love to be buried up to the hilt inside a guy and feel his hot hole down the entire length of my shaft.

And if he’s got the muscle control, he can keep me coming back for more by milking my cock without any in-and-out.

You know who you are, talented bottoms!

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Take it outside

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Guys in jockstraps having gay sex on an outdoor hiking trail.
Guys jacking off outdoor together.

Opportunity Knocks, Scene 3
Starring Nick Prescott and Layne Nixon

I need to get it together and get my rocks off, but I’m so fucking busy today that I barely have time for fucking.

I’ll just have to make time!

Maybe I can snag a beardo at the food truck rally tonight. We could always do it outside…

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I touch myself

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Cocky young straight cub stripping for the camera.
Young cub shows off his ass in black briefs.
Young cub showing off his erection and starting to masturbate.

Man Avenue
Starring Maxim Moira

Getting back to the grind isn’t so bad when that grind includes 90 minutes of morning eye candy.

Guys at the gym can be so ridiculous flexing in the mirror, but when a guy gets turned on by himself, well, that’s a different story…

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What’s waiting poolside

Friday, July 17th, 2015

Scruffy ginger blonde muscle pup by the pool with an erection.
Scruffy ginger blonde and muscular golden Daddy flip-fucking bareback by the pool.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Jake Andrews and Bryce Evans

Yay! The weekend is here, and this afternoon I’m heading to the beach and staying at a big gay guesthouse. It’s a roll of the dice, but gay guesthouses are always exciting, especially the first day.

Who’s going to be by the pool? Who’s in the hot tub? How quickly can I get out there??

Fresh meat!

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Daddy needs more than a drink

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Bearded silver fox in a suit buys gay sexual favors from a bartender at a European leather bar.
Older businessman in a suit fucking a hairy, muscular Latino leather bartender.

Pull up to the Bumper
Starring Dallas Steele and Flex

Still not sure what’s going on with my sex drive, but I won’t look too far into the horse’s mouth. Suffice it to say that even after banging the shit out of this incredibly hot Latino muscle guy last night and beating off this morning, I’m still wound up and ready to go!

See you at Tea Dance!!

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Just call him “cum dump”

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Guy in a jockstrap humiliated and waiting to be used as a cum dump.
Bareback cumslut male being fucked in his jockstrap by a muscle bear.

TIM Fuck
Starring Shay Michaels and Patrick O’Connor

Just got back from lunch with my puppy, and he told me all about his most recent trip to Barcelona. Apparently, he was the Star of the Bar one night as guy after guy took turns fucking and fisting him in a sling. It was an astonishing story to hear, and I felt a little concerned for his hole, but not to worry. My puppy is a pro.

I checked.

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Keep on truckin’

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Beefy, hairy, bearded trucker sidles up to a smooth blonde man in nothing but a towel.
Burly trucker fucking a blonde houseboy in the living room of the mansion where he works.

Big Rig Breakdown
Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Morgan Shades

My continuing, super-high level of horniness has really become a major nuisance. Especially now that I noticed a round, red spot on my dick and have to wait 3 days for the test results.

Not only is it possible that all the wild fucking I’ve been doing has led to an STD, but now that I have to wait, it’s going to be even more annoying to be distracted by a throbbing boner all day and no one to take care of it but me.

Bring on the porn!

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Splitting hairs

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Heavily tattooed muscle bears posing in nothing but jockstraps.
Young muscle bears in jockstraps fucking bareback.

Cocksure Men
Starring Derek Parker and Aarin Asker

I started watching this video because I was thinking that I might run into Derek Parker this weekend, but my attention quickly got diverted to Aarin Asker. Gotta say, I prefer my muscle guys to be a little more compact and tight, and no so, er, well-watered.

Still, both of these guys are absolutely smokin’ hot. I can’t wait for this weekend!

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Everlasting love…of underwear

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Mature muscle jocks fucking on gym equipment.
Tattooed muscle stud fucking Ross Hurston in the ass through his open back jockstrap.

Muscle-bound Gym Sex
Starring Rocco Banks and Ross Hurston

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been attending lots of skill-building exercise workshops or the fact that I’ve been spending so much time in the gym, but my fantasies really have been turning toward men in jockstraps and athletic socks lately.

I’m grateful that I respond to a much wider range of sexual stimuli as a full-grown man, but this video reminds me of simpler times, when jockstraps and underwear were almost the only thing that would get me off.

Sidebar: It’s nice to see Ross Hurston again!

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