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Something smells delicious

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Bald, hairy muscle stud in leather jockstrap, black boots and high socks with his huge pierced cock hard.
Muscular hunks in leather fist fucking and taking enormous cock.

Full Depth, Scene 3
Starring Drew Sebastian and Drew Sumrok

Despite bearfriend having a sweet ass, I doubt we’ll be getting into any fisting hijinx this weekend. Still, we’ve got a lot of cock and imagination between us.

And then there’s the new leathers I just bought…

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Don’t keep Daddy waiting!

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Silver muscle Daddy exposing his erection from his open robe.
Silver Daddy and skinny twink take turns fucking a muscle cub.

UK Naked Men
Starring Giorgio Arsenale, Sky James and Patryck Jankowski

Still no success at making myself cum through just nipple play, but using some new techniques at least I’ve gotten to the precum-leaking stage. Can’t wait to share it with my bearfriend this weekend.

And I’ve got a few other tricks up my sleeve for him, too…

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Hair of the dog

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Muscle man in white biker shorts with a perfect bubble butt being fucked by a hairy Daddy in a suit and OTC dress socks.
Huge muscle guy sitting on a hard, uncut cock.

Under the Influence
Jessy Ares and Flex

What an incredible night last night! I’m completely exhausted…and a little hung over, which is rare for me.

Good thing I have plans to go to a performance/improv/theater thing with friends at a local dive bar today. Emphasis on the “bar.”

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It’s sprung, alright

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Bearded bear grabs the ass of a scruffy Spanish guy while he changes out of his sports gear.
Hairy Spanish stud with a huge uncut cock getting fucked by a dark Latino bear.

Hairy and Hard Locker Room Fuck
Starring Alessandro Del Toro and Craig Daniel

I feel awesome! Weigh-in this morning was great. Totally on track with body composition. Just need to add more muscle. More muscle! More muscle!!

Testosterone is stirring. Welcome Spring! My god, if I was on steroids, I’d probably punch someone in the face right now. Or fuck them like the fucking beast that I am!

Where’s my Black Book…

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Daddy Deckard knows how to take a cock

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Tattooed muscle Daddy sucking the giant dick of another muscular Daddy.
Balding, hairy muscle Daddy sitting on a huge cock bareback.
Tattooed muscle Daddies fucking bareback.

Cocksure Men
Starring Rocco Steele and Jake Deckard

I haven’t seen Jake Deckard in a scene in a while, and it looks like he’s put on a few years. Don’t get me wrong, the man is still super incredibly hot, and I totally want to be next in line to fuck him with my big dick.

I think the problem is this haircut. It ages him too much and makes him look more like my nasty gay uncle than my dirty doable Daddy.

But like I said, I still totally want to fuck him, so whatever…

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Papi, son and I can host

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Uncut Spanish muscle Daddy pulling his thick cock out of his jockbriefs.
Uncut Spanish muscle Daddy fucking another Spaniard bareback.

Butch Dixon
Starring Stefan Raw and Hugo Arias

I’m excited to fuck my hunky Latino neighbor after he gets back from church this morning.

I’ll give him something to confess…

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Try my pi?

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Bearded muscle hunk fucking a Latino stud bareback.
Hung Latino sitting down on a bearded, tattooed white guy and his raw dick.

Randy Blue
Starring Jordan Levine and Dominic Santos

Tons of fun stuff going on today, including a Pi Day celebration (03/14/15, 3.1415) and downtown craft beer festival that’s sure to leave lots of bearded, tatted hipsters tipsy, horny and eager to try something new…

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Finger-licking good

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Straight, hung muscle stud strips off his suit and masturbates his cock with a handful of his own spit.
Nude straight guy about to jack-off on the couch.
Naked guy with a big dick masturbating for the camera.

Sultry Getaway
Starring Cody Cummings

I can see how he appeals to a lot of guys, but Cody Cummings usually doesn’t do it for me. I just happened to catch this solo performance, though, and I have to say it totally got me leaking.

In fact, I just had to stop and shoot my load!

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When will @DavidBenjaminX bottom again?

Friday, March 13th, 2015

Olive-skinned man with a perfect muscular body and huge erection nude.
Muscular adonis fucks a scruffy blonde bottom with his huge cock and a big dildo at the same time.

America’s Finest, Scene 5
Starring David Benjamin and Shawn Wolfe

Sure, David Benjamin does a great job topping, and this scene with Shawn Wolfe is super hot. But I still want to see him bottom more.

I’m definitely in full top mode lately, and even a still of this muscle god taking a big dick would cause me to soak my jeans…

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Happy, healthy and hung

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Ripped white athlete with his athletic shorts pulled down to see his huge white cock.
Bareback flip-fuck between a Latino and a well-hung white guy.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Jimmie Slater and Draven Torres

I first added this video to my watch list to check out Draven Torres’ new look, but Jimmie Slater quickly grabbed all my attention. Jimmie might be the quieter of the two, but his sex appeal is undeniable.

And he’s definitely looking much happier and healthier in recent videos…

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Party in the rear

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Compact muscle man stripping to his jockstrap in the locker room.
Jockstrap man in OTC rugby socks sticking sex toys in his ass.
Compact muscle guy sitting on a big dildo in a locker room.

UK Hot Jocks
Starring David Lambert

I’ll say it again, I’m not really into David Lambert from the neck up, but from the neck down, oh yes. I’d definitely tap that ass.

The guy looks great in a jockstrap…

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Jockstrap fucking

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Hunky bearded muscle stud in a jockstrap sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass.
Scruffy stud fucking a smooth muscular guy in his jockstrap over a locker room bench.

Jock Straps and Muscle
Starring Bruno Fox and Nick North

Late last night my puppy showed up at my doorstep in tight athletic gear, asking if I had some tools he could use. He was on his way home from the game, and his car broke down (wink, wink!).

He barely made it in the door and we were making out like crazy. The role play was super hot, and I was so fucking horny it was all I could do to control myself.

But when he said “fuck me right now,” I totally lost it. I pushed him up against the wall, spit on his hole and slid deep inside him. I fucked him like a wild animal, which is exactly what he wanted because he was bouncing back onto my thrusts equally hard. With a long, blinding orgasm, I filled his hole completely. Then I spun him around and got down on the floor, telling him to cum all over me. He did, including a big load in my mouth, which I happily fed back to him.

Totally all-star game…

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Missed him at the food truck rally

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Hung men in leather, including a ginger, spit roast a scruffy leather bottom with a big uncut cock.
Hung bottom taking a giant cock in his ass while another man watches.

Submissive, Scene 2
Starring Jimmy Durano, Jordan, Theo Ford

I was leaving a food truck rally last night when this hot little ginger went strolling in with his buddy. Definitely a head turner, and if it wasn’t so noisy from the generators running there, I might have pursued.

Then again, I have to remind myself that not everyone who’s a physical attention-grabber is going to perform well with others.

Cough, cough. Just sayin’.

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All I care about is cock

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Hairy older blue collar man jacking off in private.
Blue collar man nude with an erection.
Naked blue collar guy playing with his hard cock.

Workin’ Men XXX
Starring Danny

From the site: “One of my all time favorites is Danny. About a year after this shoot we became a couple, and he was definitely the love of my life, for a time. Unfortunately fate and circumstances have a way of driving people apart, and we no longer see each other. Still, I wish him well.”

Kind of a sad story! But, I’m so fucking horny right now, every guy is turning my head…

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