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Nice tool

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Muscular construction worker using a masturbation sleeve in his basement workshop.
Muscular construction worker using a masturbation sleeve to jack off.

Starring Zack

Besides the fact that Zack is an attractive, bearded, well-hung muscle stud, what boners me out about this scene is that it takes place somewhere other than the bedroom or a couch. And that there are tools everywhere.

It definitely has to do with the fact that as I boy I found dirty magazines in my father’s tool shed and would go out there to masturbate. The fact that I could get caught and the dark, oily smell of the tool shed made the experience sleazily addictive.

To this day, I still get majorly aroused whenever I’m in a room full of hand tools…

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Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Hairy blonde muscle hunk with huge thighs in briefs.
Straight guy fucking a hairy blonde power bottom in his bubble butt.

Bait Buddies
Starring Buddy and Scott Riley

After last night (and this morning), you would think that my dick would be worn out. Then I check my email, receive a couple of messages with pictures from online underwear sales and suddenly I’ve got wood again.

I can’t resist a muscular stud in a pair of briefs. And who doesn’t love big legs…

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Worn out yet?

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Interracial muscle studs in suits fucking bareback.
Interracial gay bareback sex between muscular men.

Gentlemen 18: Bred For Business
Starring Stas Landon and Sean Xavier

I got thrown way off my schedule by oversleeping my disco nap last night. Luckily, I already made plans for later today with my black son, who’s working third shift right now.

So while I’m here watching porn, edging and waiting for the Sunday paper to be delivered, he’s in the middle of his shift and gently poking fun at his Daddy via text.

It kinda works out great, since we’ll be more in sync when we get together later. We can fuck each other to sleep…

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Ready for worship

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Muscular military men with his pants down and a rock hard erection.
Muscular sergeant fucking one of his male cum sluts.

An Officer and a Cum Slut
Starring Markie More and Brenner Bolton

My balls are aching pretty badly. I don’t think I’m going to last until my son’s worship session tomorrow.

I could really use a cum dump right now…

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The hole truth

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Hung Latino fucking a power bottom bareback with his monster cock.
Man hole stretched open by a monster cock.

Tim Tales
Starring Rodolfo and Dano Guerre

I didn’t see my son but made a work contact at the pool yesterday instead, and I’m really excited about it. It was meant to be.

What it also meant is that I went another day without ass, and that’s got me on edge. And edging.

I can practically feel a warm, stretched out hole in my mouth, freshly fucked from my big dick, sphincter firm but open, leaking my cum.

Oh, good god. I may need to make a few phone calls if I want to be able to concentrate on work today…

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Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Muscular black man taking a big white dick bareback.
Black muscle stud with a cum-covered bubble butt after being fucked raw by a big white dick.

Young, Hung and Raw
Starring Damon Heart and Jacen Zhu

Although it’s not likely I’ll be able to spend the night with my black son tonight (too much work), I have a two-hour break coming up which I’m going to use to bike to the pool and maybe meet him there.

It would be fun to see him and make those black balls even more blue for when we hook up this Sunday…

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Thick ass

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Muscular Latinos fucking bareback.
Latino muscle bareback fuck with a huge cock and a big ass.

Tim Tales
Starring Fostter Riviera and Louis Ricaute

Since I’ve been getting off every day (a massage guy unexpectedly sucked me off yesterday), my body is telling me to keep rolling with it. So I’m going to take advantage of the gorgeous weather here and take a bike ride to the pool to go hunting.

Hopefully I’ll run into my big Cuban buddy and his thick, hungry hole again…

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