Feeding my husband

Tattooed muscle hunk flip-fucks bareback with a tall muscular hunk.
Tattooed muscle hunk eating cum.

Bareback Auditions 4: Raw Recruits
Starring Sergeant Miles and Stas London

I know haven’t mentioned it, but I got married at Gay Days! Well, actually I got “Gay Days married.”

This one hot guy had stuck out to me in previous years, and being far more confident this year, I just walked right up and started talking with him. Surprisingly, we clicked in every way right off the bat, and when I invited myself up to his room, he said “sure,” as long as we just “make out.” Yeah, right.

So, he fucked me. We’re both tops, but I could tell I was more open to trying. Luckily, his big dick was a perfect fit for both my throat and my ass, and the sparks were flying. When we got back to the pool, he proclaimed that I was his “Gay Days husband” and that he was mine. I was flattered and happy, and we spent the rest of Gay Days hanging out with each other and supporting each other’s sexual escapades.

I didn’t mention him because frankly I’ve been a little depressed since he went back to his home state. But then Facebook messaging became phone messaging became phone calls. We’ve both admitted we’re smitten with each other and just made plans for him to fly back in a few weeks for a visit.

I’m not gonna lie. Even though I still don’t consider myself versatile, I’m excited to get fucked by him again. And he’s told me he wants me inside him, too. It’s going to be quite the flip, but more than anything, I’ll just be happy to spend time with my husband again…

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