I’ll have the beef with ginger

Beefy bear fucking a ginger guy while he's still in his socks and jockbrief.
Redhead bottom slut sitting on an uncut bear cock raw.
Redheaded guy being fucked bareback and covered in lots of cum.

Butch Dixon
Featuring Alessandro Del Toro and Seb Evans

I’m digging the thick beard on Alessandro Del Toro. It totally adds to his beefy, macho appeal.

Now, Seb Evans. I love his dirty gay vibe and want to like his look more. Since he seems to be naturally on the smoother side of body hair, maybe a full beard would be a nice change for him. And I prefer him with a fuller head of hair.

Also, you know he loves getting fucked. C’mon. I don’t believe this “it’s too big” bullshit…

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