An otter after my own heart

Hairy, bearded, ginger otters fucking bareback in the kitchen.
Horny otter bears shooting an amateur video of them fucking bareback in the kitchen on their first date.

Bearded Bro Breeding
Featuring Devin Totter and Jameson

Except for some of the silly frat boy antics (e.g. farting in a guy’s face on purpose), Deviant Otter is my kind of guy.

I mean, really. Who wouldn’t want to go out drinking with a furry dude who looks like you, get naked and grope-y in the car on the way home from the bar, then fuck him bareback in the kitchen while the roommate and his boyfriend listen?

I’ve done it before!

I just don’t have roommates. Instead, I always make sure I’m loud enough for my neighbors to hear…

< Click here to watch the video >

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