Not butch for long

Butch straight guy being strapped to a tickling table by a tickle torture expert.
Hung Latino straight guy is bound and tickle tortured naked before getting a blowjob from another guy.

Tickled Hard
Featuring Victor

One of the guys I’ve been hooking up with recently has a big taste for straight and dangerous men. I may not be either, but a lot of people seem to be intimidated by my height and ink coverage. Other men also describe me as masculine, although in my mind I’m not the butchest of cowboys. Still, I wonder if that’s part of what attracts him to me.

I’m going to have to go with this guy to a few of his straight hangouts sometime. I’d love to see more examples of the kinds of guys he likes. I imagine they’re beefy and kind of thuggish, like Victor. So I wonder how long the butchness lasts after he gets them home and the bondage equipment comes out…

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