Filling his every hole

Hairy Daddy fucking a tattooed muscle bottom bareback.
Smooth male with a bubble butt leaking cum from his freshly seeded hole.
Muscle boy cumming on his Daddy's chest hair.

Lucas Entertainment
Featuring Alessio Romero and Drew Sumrok

My sexual energy was off the charts yesterday! As soon as my bearfriend walked through the front door, I was all over him. It was so intense, I was actually growling and my body was shaking as we made out in the hallway. Back in the bedroom, my viscous spit was flowing and he loved it. I fed it to him, lubed up his cock and hole with it, then started fucking him. His muscular butt was so tight and hot I had to hold back from shooting right away. Plus, I had a huge load built up that I told him I was going to shoot all over his face and down his throat.

When I couldn’t take it any more, I pulled out and did just that. He swallowed two huge mouthfuls before I coated the entire front of his beard with the rest. I made sure he looked over my shoulder to check himself out in the mirror on the ceiling, before I licked it off and fed it to him with my tongue. And, of course, I made him cum for Daddy.

That was the first of three sessions that day. I bred his hole with another big load for the second, and after dinner I fed him extra dessert for the third. He even texted me today to let me know that we were starting to go at it again late last night…until he realized I was asleep.

Funny thing is, we were fucking in my dream!

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