Never pass up a big dick and tight butt

Blonde guys in sweatpants fooling around sexually with each other.
Hung hairy blonde man getting a blowjob from his equally well-hung buddy.
Hairy blonde guy fucking his smooth workout buddy's tight muscle butt and ejaculating on him.

Blond Ambition and Muscled Torsos
Featuring Darius Ferdynand and Josh Charters

If I didn’t have to get to work so early this morning, I would have taken my newest fuckbuddy’s offer last night to come by and rape his ass (in a “find the front door accidentally unlocked” kinda way).

He looks like the grown up version of Darius Ferdynand. Hung, friendly and filthy-minded, but with clean, marble-statue good looks and less body fat.

Wait a minute. What the hell was I thinking passing that up!

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