Where are you going to cum?

Horny Spanish muscle bottom being fucked by a hung white guy in a closed retail store in Barcelona.
Hung white guy shooting his big load all over the face of a bearded Latino muscle stud.

Tim Tales
Starring Tim Kruger and Flex

Ok, so I didn’t get a muscle Daddy yesterday either, but I did snag myself a hot Latino muscle bottom, similar to Flex and the Mexican muscle god I was balls deep in last week.

And, get this, I actually shot my load inside him…inside a condom. Yes, for the first time in years I got off while wearing a condom. He really wanted me to use one, and he was so fucking hot, I would have done anything to fuck him.

I was going to pull out and cum on his face, but I didn’t want to have to unwrap it in that moment, and his ass felt sooo fucking good. It was for the better anyway. He wasn’t exactly prepared for me to go around the corner…

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