What’s in your mouth!

Bearded guy in underwear on his balcony picks up a hairy Middle Eastern bicycler on the street.
Handsome, bearded hunk sucking an uncut cock.
Young, bearded men flip-fucking bareback and cumming.

On the Lookout, Scene 2
Starring Adam Ramzi and Logan Moore

Puppy (who looks a lot like Adam Ramzi) dropped into town unexpectedly yesterday, so we spent a fun afternoon shopping for swimsuits and gear (he actually is going to IML) before heading back to his place for a private preview.

What I didn’t know was that he had already ordered a new toy online…a puppy tail on a big butt plug.

He slipped on a black jock, black athletic socks with white stripes and got on all fours. I jumped out of my clothes and warmed up his hole with my thick spit-covered fingers. The butt plug bulb looked kind of big, so I slathered it with lube, then slowly began working it around his furry butthole. He let out soft puppy moans as I did it, and I teased that maybe I’d have to open his hole up with my big dick first.

But I know my puppy trusts me. And I know he’s very talented. In under a minute the bulb was inside him, and puppy was wagging his brand new tail. I led him around the house and made him do a few tricks, tail wagging the entire way. The commands poured out of me…it was just like training a new dog. The iPhone was out, for sure.

We were having so much fun, and then he started to whimper. I followed him to the bathroom, where he used one paw to point to a travel kit on the sink. Poppers. I gave him a couple of sniffs (not a fan myself) and led him into the bedroom, where I allowed him up on the bed. On all fours with his tail toward me, I slowly began pulsing the base of the tail inside him. It didn’t take long for him to start howling with delight.

It was time to take out the tail and relieve myself.

I fucked his wet, hairy hole very long…and very hard…which surprised us both, considering he’s so hot he almost always makes me pop immediately. Even more of a surprise was how tight he could make it when I told him to tighten up. Like I said, talented.

I loudly filled his sweet hole with a huge load…then popped the tail back in. I commanded him off the bed and to roll over, where I pulled his cock from his jock and easily made him howl and nut with just a few licks and strokes. I slowly removed the tail, grabbed his phone and took a bunch more pics of his soaked jock and cum-sloppy hole. Then I gave him a jerky treat (for real!) and hopped in the shower.

Oh, and his place is poolside. Weren’t no neighbors left by the pool after that session!

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