Muscle bear underwear

Muscle bear Daddy in boxer briefs on the couch showing his big feet.
Hairy muscle Daddy stripping out of his boxer briefs and jacking off with his uncut cock.

Dirty Tony
Starring Alex Lebue

I got up sooo early this morning. Rested, just early. So well-rested, in fact, that my boner wouldn’t go down.

A minute here, a minute there, but I couldn’t get the horny out of my head. I didn’t want to try to negotiate something online, so I came up with another idea.

Bearfriend is out running a jobsite this morning with early morning crews, so I texted him and told him to go to the bathroom, pull down his pants and send me pics. I waited for about a half hour and was just about to stroke it to something else…pre-cum was running down my leg, after all…when my phone chimed.

Boom! Muscle bear in underwear. Hot!

Even hotter though was his message. “Hope these help. Ran inside to take them.” HOT!!!

I studied the pics as I walked over to the full-length mirror in the hallway, getting painfully hard. I tapped on my phone’s camera, and with a handful of pre-cum and viscous spit, I recorded a stellar jack-off to thank him. Even I was surprised by the huge volume of cum that kept shooting and shooting and shooting out of my cock. I was so fucking turned on!

So I may not have hooked up today, but I sure did clean the pipes out!

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