Behind closed doors

Muscular tattooed Latinos with beards fucking bareback.
Rough gay sex between two muscular, heavily tattooed Latinos.

Hidden Cam
Starring Xavi Duran and Antonio Miracle

I had my annual eye exam yesterday, which this year included a dilation. It was so bright outside, that I immediately went in search of darkness. Luckily, my puppy is in town and his place is super dark when the shades are pulled.

I blindly walked through the unlocked door of his studio to find him naked, face down, ass up in bed. I took off my shirt and knelt behind him, eagerly eating his furry hole. Then I found two new spots to drive him crazy. I’m not sure what he was feeling, but when I started chewing on the muscle attachments at the base of each glute, my puppy grabbed a pillow and shoved it in his own face to muffle his screams of pleasure.

I enjoyed driving him nuts like that for a while, alternating between eating his hole and gnawing his furry glutes and hamstrings. I pulled off my jeans and briefs while doing it and wiped some of the pre-cum I was leaking on my fingers for him to lick off.

Finally, I slid inside him and bred his hot ass while he grabbed my face to deep kiss me. That’s how he muffled my howls of pleasure…

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