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Meat Men: Ride Me
Starring Alberto Esposito, Gabriel Lunna and Hans Berlin

Last night was super crazy. My puppy serviced about six guys, while I watched and stroked it with a hot muscle guy in a jockstrap and a half harness. He told me he wanted more than just his dick sucked, so I invited him back to puppy’s place with us.

Puppy was thrilled that he got to get fucked by this guy while sucking my enormous cock. Then, once puppy was warmed up, I slid underneath him so muscle guy and I could DP him. When I felt muscle guy’s throbbing cock ejaculate, it set mine off and we flooded my puppy’s sweet hole, which started pulsing hard as he shot his load, too. Muscle and I licked it off his hairy abs and fed it to him.

We got muscle guy’s number and kicked him out. That’s happening again!

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